Netflix is a streaming, on demand application that can be accessed through any mobile device. This means that you can be entertained anytime, anywhere through television shows or movies, for example. If you would like to have your own Netflix login, you can follow the steps below.

(1) From the Netflix app that you downloaded on your device, for example, or from that you put in your web browser, you will see the image below. To get your log in account, click the blue button to begin your free month.

netflix login

(2) Afterwards, this would bring you to what you see on the next image. For this part of the Netflix sign in, pick your chosen plan. Pick either Basic, Standard, or Premium, then click on “Continue.”

netflix sign in

(3) After, put in your email and password. The password should be between four (4) to fifty (50) characters. Then proceed to click the “Register” button to get your login.

free netflix account

(4) As you can see, by simply going to, you are now a Netflix login member!

Beyond knowing about Netflix my account, here is some more background about Netflix. Netflix has Netflix Originals wherein it features produced or co-produced content, distributed exclusively by Netflix with their services. By March 2011, Netflix started getting original content in its library, starting with the House of Cards, a political drama that is one (1) hour long. This started on February 2013. The producer of this series is David Fincher and the star is Kevin Spacey. By the latter part of 2011, Netflix chose up to two (2) eight (8) episode seasons for the show Lilyhammer and a fourth (4th) season of the sitcom, Arrested Development (formerly Fox’s). Netflix also released Hemlock Grove, a supernatural drama series for early 2013.

For Netflix’s deals with film and television, Netflix presently has exclusive deals for pay TV with studies that are both major and mini-major. Generally, Pay TV gives Netflix the rights of exclusive streaming but not different from usual terms of pay TV. Since 2014, films categorized the U.S.A. to include their current releases in Relativity Media (a subsidiary of Rogue Pictures), including titles of Dreamworks Animation and Open Road Films. This expired in 2016 wherein Showtime assumed pay television rights. The catalog includes Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, and the Weinstein Company.

Epix signed a deal with Netflix, a 5-year streaming deal wherein the 1st 2 years, the back catalog of Epix was only for Netflix. The clause for the exclusivity stopped on the 4th of September 2012, wherein Amazon signed a deal with Epix instead to distribute its own rights to the streaming service of Amazon Video. The films also include those from Lionsgate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and Paramount.